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My name is Joshwa! I was born June 30th, 1994 in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Houston, Tx. I am currently living out here in Kansas where I attended the University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth, Ks. I dual majored and recieved my Bachelors in Business Management and Accounting. I continued on to receive an MBA in Leadership and Organizational Health. All of these accomplishments are a part of the inspiration behind starting F.A.C.T. Clothing Company. I have been a part of many jobs and organizations where people who are older than me or even around my age are so miserable with life, whether it was because of the job overall, horrible managers or them just being unsatisfied with where they were in life. The fact that I witnessed this at different places let me know that we have a true problem and I want to help people find their purpose and understand that they CAN change their current circumstances and situation and create a more positive and happy life. In order to do this, we must have FAITH, hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE, have long-term CONSISTENCY, and TRUST the processes as take on the journey. This is how F.A.C.T. Clothing Company came about and I am excited to have a chance to motivate people across the world.

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