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Do I Need A Prescription For An Inhaler Spacer

Spacers | Asthma UK How to use an inhaler - with spacer: MedlinePlus Medical How to use an inhaler - with spacer: MedlinePlus Medical Do i need a prescription for a spacer for my inhaler Dr. Rajendra Tripathi answered Orthopedic Surgery 46 years experience No: Fspacer for inhaler you may be able to buy over the internet without prescription but if you want the insurance company to reimburse you , then you will need a prescription. 4.7k views Answered >2 years ago Thank You Don’t Need a Prescription for an Inhaler in Some States In some states, as with some other countries, you can get an inhaler without a prescription. But this is only possible under certain circumstances and needs to meet specific conditions. These rules could vary depending on which state you’re in, and they could change at any time.

The main advantage of an inhaler spacer is that it helps control your intake of the medication. This not only makes sure you get the prescribed amount, but that you inhale it. For anyone with concerns about using their inhaler effectively, a doctor may recommend a spacer. Takeaway An inhaler spacer is easy to use, and it increases the effectiveness of inhaled asthma... There are several different brands of spacer that fit different inhalers and are available on prescription (including Volumatic, AeroChamber, Able Spacer, Space Chamber Plus, and A2A spacer). Speak to your GP, asthma nurse or pharmacist about finding the right spacer for you. You can also buy a spacer from your pharmacy without a prescription. A spacer is a clear plastic chamber or cylinder that your inhaler fits into. It makes it easier for you to inhale your medication into your lungs, and it prevents the medication from being left in your mouth or throat. Spacers are easy to use and inexpensive. Your doctor can write you a prescription for one, or you can buy one online. Do I need a prescription for an inhaler spacer? Spacers/VHCs are medical devices. Your doctor can write a prescription for a spacer to go with your inhaler and you will usually get the device at a pharmacy or durable medical equipment (DME) company. If you don't have a prescription from your doctor for this device, you can buy them online. The spacer connects to the mouthpiece. The inhaled medicine goes into the spacer tube first. Then you take two deep breaths to get the medicine into your lungs. Using a spacer wastes a lot less medicine than spraying the medicine into your mouth. Spacers come in different shapes and sizes. Ask your provider which spacer is best for you or your child. Judy – as long as you use good technique with the two inhalers and they are working for you (making it easier to breathe), then a spacer device is not necessary. Please note, the advice provided is not a substitute for asking your health care professional about your specific situation. Best wishes, Donald A. Mahler, M.D. About Donald Mahler, MD Inhaler An inhaler (also known as a puffer, pump or allergy spray) is a medical device used for delivering medicines into the lungs through the work of a person's breathing. This allows medicines to be delive


Do I Need A Prescription For An Inhaler Spacer

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