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Buy Ammo Online Ny

New York Attorney General Letitia James busted illegal ammunition sales in New York State by online suppliers. The Attorney General's Office investigation lead to the discovery of 39 ammo sellers who sold to New York State residents and did not keep records of the sales.

buy ammo online ny

What makes the right to keep and bear arms so important? Simply put, the individual right to defend against aggression is fundamental to civil society. Self defense is a natural safeguard against violations by individuals or oppression by institutions, such as an increasingly powerful and unaccountable government. History has repeatedly shown that absent this protection, dominating rulers will use force to subjugate and trample the rights of defenseless individuals. We believe the best ammo deals will help Americans stay armed.

New York's SAFE Act makes ammo purchases much more difficult than other states for shooters, which you'll see in detail below. The SAFE Act also bans magazines with capacities greater than 10 rounds. While the SAFE Act tried to prohibit New Yorkers from possessing a magazine loaded with more than seven rounds, a federal appeals court has said that this seven-round limit is unconstitutional. Also, New York prohibits armor-piercing ammunition. Additionally, all federal laws apply across the Empire State.

Due to local regulations, Lucky Gunner cannot ship ammo to New York City, Great Neck Estates, or Skaneateles. We cannot ship magazines to Buffalo or Rochester. Fortunately, Lucky Gunner is able to ship ammo to the rest of New York State, but we must ship through an Federal Firearms Licensee or what the state calls a "Registered Seller of Ammunition".

Massachusetts requires special licenses. The details depend on firearm type. Because of those laws and nuances, many online vendors choose not to ship to MA at all. But you can legally ship ammo to your MA home if you have the LTC (Firearms License to Carry) and buy from a vendor like Target Sports USA that will deal with the bureaucracy.

Can you buy ammo online? Of course you can! Buying ammo online is something some people avoid because they are not familiar with the ammunition laws in their area. However, as long as you known the laws in your jurisdiction, buying ammo online can be a great way to buy hard to find ammunition at great prices. The next time you find yourself asking "Can I buy ammo online?", simply check this page for information on federal, state and local laws on shipping ammunition while ordering online.

Ready to buy ammunition online? If you already know your local ammo laws you can go directly to our ammunition store. If not, please review our Shipping & Returns, Frequently Asked Questions, this page, and agree to the Terms and Conditions at checkout to buy online from Ammunition Store! Only residents in the restricted areas below will need to send the required credentials via fax or e-mail before our products can be shipped. For more information on guns and ammunition laws in your state, visit the NRA-ILA state laws page.

Any order placed that does not meet these legal requirements will be automatically canceled and refunded minus a 4% fee. Why you ask? If you place an order online we get charged a fee by the credit card companies for the transaction, we will not absorb this cost due to people not knowing their state laws.

Buying ammo online with us is an extremely easy process that can save you money on the ammo you need. We do have a few tips to make buying your ammunition online as simple as possible, and also to guarantee that every customer is completely satisfied with their purchase with us.

A lot of people avoid buying ammo online because they don't realize how easy it is to buy online. Either that or maybe they are just old school and don't know how to use a computer. The truth is though, that when you buy ammo online you save yourself time and money. Here's why:

Retailers and suppliers are unsure when supply will return as COVID has disrupted global supply chains for ammo components and raw materials. Plus social distancing has slowed down packing operations.

The good ole AK-47 rounds. My rule is to go with ammo from countries that used the AK but to watch out for corrosive ammunition (which is pretty good shooting stuff, you just need to put more effort in cleaning afterward).

Most commercial ammo will be around 147-grains and around 60 to 70 cents each while match ammo is around 168-grains and $1.50 per round. I went almost straight into reloading to get the max accuracy out of my guns so take my suggestions with a grain of salt.

confusion abounds with shipments of ammo to NY now with the new laws. These suppliers need to get their facts right or lose a lot of biz. Palmetto recently lost a $1600 ammo sale to me thinking my NY FFL needs another "license" to receive ammo. NOT!! Only if the recipient is NOT also an FFL. Others are asking for the FFL DOB and Occupation!! NOT! that is only on point of sale from the FFL to the in state purchaser purchaser. Gun control at it's finest. C'mon SOCUS! STEP UP and dump these laws.

Since this original article was written (back in 2016) many things have changed and unfortunately for the worse. However, SGammo still has the best prices and the fastest delivery of whatever they have on hand. Sign up for their email newsletter and you won't be disappointed. Gunbot is another "aggregator" that should be noted as well.

Lucky Gunner demanded a copy of my driver's license to "prove" I was old enough to buy ammo. Ammoman did the same thing and the web page looked identical. Has Lucky Gunner acquired Ammoman? None of the other vendors named in this article did that. (I still live in a free state.) What's up with this? No business for these vendors until they quit asking for driver's licenses.

I will say lucky gunner has been my go-to for bulk ammo, they seem to have rather good prices and even most of the ammo crunches seem to have stuff in stock. Mind you during the ammo shortages just don't be a cheap b!t@h. I ended up with higher quality 9mm because the cheap stuff was sold out, but you get others that complain about it. I haven't purchased ammo from PSA yet....just an AK, and M&P police trade-in plus EOTech. The thing that's awesome about them is they have great deals of the day. Mind you it says that so don't expect that deal the following day.

I've been using supplymunitions dot com for around 1.5 years now. They send very regular emails with their current stock and prices, which have been some of the lowest prices I've found. Hence the reason I buy probably 80% of my ammo from them. Quick delivery, and have never had any issues. I've purchased CCI Blazer, Winchester, Remington, PMC, Hornady, and others from them.

I live in CA and it's always tough buying ammo. Palmetto State Armory has good prices, the ammo I receive is always packed well, in perfect condition, and ships out in a reasonable time. It's no Amazon 2 day Prime, but they beat their own 3 weeks they give themselves for CA FFL shipments. It's amazing how many places like ammo_com don't sell to CA. CA is second only to Texas for the number of registered gun owners.

You should add a couple of more online ammo dealers to this list. They offer bulk ammo at very reasonable prices with no shipping charges if ordering over 100.00. Please see these websites for some excellent prices. As any other dealer, stock varies but excellent prices. Velocity Ammo and Ammoman. These are my go to ammo dealers.

Gunbroker dot com can lead to the best prices. Never buy that Russian or former Soviet block countries ammo. Garbage. Hornady, Federal, Winchester for me. And 556 and 308 primarily from the Lake City plant. Special calibers you probably have to buy that foreign crap, but we're only using it on the range, right? Buffalo Bore is by far some of the best. Pricey, but worth every penny.

If you order ammo from Bereli, be aware that their "free shipping" is probably free because you'll NEVER GET YOUR ORDER. You also won't get any support - after one message saying, "Yeah we'll check on it", they will totally ghost you. Nobody answers at the phone number. I don't care if it's their fault, or FedEx's fault - not my problem. I've ordered A LOT of ammo online in the past 2 years, and with one exception (other than Bereli) it's arrived in less than a week, properly packaged. Even the one problem shipment in that time got here, and their Support folks were very helpful. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is - avoid Bereli for Ammo.

i've placed my order with them on the same day [03/08] you've posted this comment, regrettably i never saw it... i'm in the same situation... ordered 500 rds of 5.56 win green tipped fmj in 62gr and 500 rds of 9mm cc blazer brass 115gr ammo, altogether paid $535...placed my order, got a confirmation and nothing...after 7 days e-mailed them and that's when the runaround began... today is march 23rd so 15 days since i placed my order with bereli and just found out from fedex [using a tracking number bereli sent me last week which has a 'pending' status] that fedex is STILL awaiting that parcel from bereli... the 'customer service' is downright rude, each reply is a short single - or half - sentence, no apology, no useful info, no name signature of whom i'm dealing with, not even a 'hi'... this ammo vendor must be nixed from this list... i gave them a chance because of this bloody article above which made me think bereli's a trusted, honest vendor...

btw, i'm not expecting this vp to send me free ammo like he did for you [if i understood correctly]... just want to reach out and ask that i'll either get my order asap or get a quick refund...right now my money's paid to them and have nothing to show for it nor any sign of when i might get my order... thanks... 041b061a72


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