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When we build our wooden playhouses, we have only one thing in mind: making them perfect for kids. During our design and construction process, we ask ourselves with every detail if we can make our kids' playhouses more enjoyable for our and your kids.

buy playhouse

Our and your kids safety goes above everything else. In order to ensure the safety of our wooden playhouses, we meticulously design and test every detail for safety. The best assurance we can give you - we let our own kids play in our playhouses.

We pride ourselves in choosing only the safest and best materials for our playhouses. Therefore, our houses are made of wood, with a metal roof and completly without plastic. We chose waterbased and nature friendly paints because we want our and your kids to grow up healthy.

We are very proud to say that all our outdoor playhouses are made of premium nordic spruce solid wood and painted only with nature friendly water-based colors. To minimize heating up during hot summer days and to give a bit of extra shine to your backyard during rainy autumn, the playhouses are topped with white coated metal roofs.

Would you like to have a playhouse, but are not sure if you are skilled or strong enough to assemble it? We developed a special panel system which enables you to assemble the playhouse with just two people under three hours! Spruce is a strong and light wood, making the lifting of panels easy for most ages and even the screws are already in!

Every outdoor playhouse is equipped with a cozy loft for reading a book or hosting the coolest slumber party on the block. And if it is not yet time to climb up the step-ladder to your private loft, then our matching colored kids furniture set provides the best place where to draw or to have snacks in between play-time.

The question of why have a kids playhouse in your house or backyard has been answered in many different ways. The most frequent reason for our customers to buy one of our wooden playhouses is to give their kids a fun place to play and host amazing slumber parties. Many also mentioned that they wanted the kids playhouse to decorate their garden.

Our favourite response came from a family of five, a month after their playhouse assembly, when the parents confessed that they love their new quiet moments and clean house - their children had taken all toys and almost moved in the playhouse. 041b061a72


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