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Biogeography Lomolino 4th Edition Pdf 69

Description: Biogeography is the science that describesandexplains spatial patterns of biodiversity, and is core science in theunderstanding of human-environment interactions. Biogeographers studydistributions of organisms, both past and present, and how relatedpatterns of environmental variation influence the organisms. Recent newsciences of Landscape Ecology, Macroecology, and Global Ecology areextensions of or borrowsignificantly from Biogeography. Biogeography is also an appliedscience in that biogeography theory is useful for designing naturereserves, forecasting how climate change may affect organisms, andexplaining human adaptations to environmental variability. This classwill take a mostly ecological approach to understanding biogeography.

biogeography lomolino 4th edition pdf 69

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Lomolino et al. (2004) recognize eightgeneral topics within which classic papers are identified: 1. EarlyClassics; II. Geological history and the distribuion of species; III.Biological and environmental factors affecting species' ranges, issuesof scale, human influences; IV. Revolutions in Historical Biogeography,geography of dispersal, phylogenetic systematics, V. Geography anddiversification, VI. Island biogeography, human effects on extinctions;VII. Community assembly rules; VIII. Environmental gradients andspecies diversity. To this I would add IX. Conservation biogeography.


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